An IBS diagnosis can send your head spinning. But you're not alone. 

Do the 7-Day Jumpstart Challenge to learn about the FODMAP diet and get the tools you need to get your belly back to calm.

Do the Free 7-Day Challenge!

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The 7-Day Challenge introduces you to the FODMAP Diet, a research-backed method to manage IBS with food.

This is for you if you're new to the FODMAP diet, or you've tried it in the past but didn't have enough information or support. 

"I created this challenge to help you beat the overwhelm and confusion that often come with having IBS - AND set you up for success!" 

                                                                               - Julie O'Hara, IBS Health Coach


Throw out the unreliable, outdated information you're finding online. Get the knowledge, resources, and support you need to succeed on the FODMAP diet and start living a calm belly life. 


What life looks like after the FODMAP Diet:

  • You go to fun new restaurants without stressing over your order
  • You know how to keep your belly calm when you travel so you don’t spend your trip in a hotel bathroom
  • You meet up with friends at the last minute instead of staying home in your sweats feeling bloated


Here's how to get there: Follow the FODMAP diet and learn the trigger foods (and portion sizes!) that cause your digestive symptoms. The 7-Day Challenge gives you the resources and strategies you need to get it done!


Cleanse the overwhelm and learn to manage your IBS with diet!


This is not a detox diet. There's no restrictive menu for you follow. With everyone having different dietary needs and preferences, it would be impossible to create a one-size-fits-all menu. 


Instead, you'll learn to create your own go-to meals, gather recipe inspiration, and avoid the most common mistakes so you don't get stuck and waste time. 


You don't have months to spend becoming an IBS expert. Cleanse the confusion and learn to do the FODMAP diet RIGHT.


And the best part is that you'll have the support of people who know exactly what you're going through 24/7 in the Calm Belly Kitchen Facebook group!

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Is this a diet plan?

Nope! Each step in the 7-Day Challenge will give you knowledge, inspiration and a rock-solid mindset so you can succeed on the FODMAP diet. 

You can start the elimination phase when you do the 7-Day Challenge, OR you can use the time to prep and plan. Being prepared with recipes, strategies and support is the key to making big changes that stick!




"Julie O'Hara's Jumpstart was just what I needed! This experience has given me the information and tools I need to be successful in navigating through IBS issues and living symptom-free. As part of the process, Julie has created a community where we feel comfortable asking questions and sharing ideas. It has made a huge difference for me."



"I am new to FODMAPS, and I'm at the beginning of the journey. I've learned a lot in two weeks that I will continue working with. All the ideas, worksheets, videos and the online group were great. My Pinterest boards are taking real shape with great tasting recipe ideas. My belly is calming."



"I cannot tell you how helpful your free Jumpstart, the Facebook group and the workshop have been for me. IBS and FODMAPs can be SUCH a mind bend and I now feel like I have clarity around how to tackle it and the motivation to actually stick to it!! Something as simple as - find a few recipes that work for me and rotate through them for 4 weeks had seriously not occurred to me before.. sometimes we just need an outsiders perspective and a little push to get us on the right path."


What happens next?

  1. Pop your name and email into the form, and you're in!
  2. You'll receive a welcome email with your very first action step.
  3. The next day, you'll receive Step 1 of the Challenge, followed by a new step each day for 7 days.


What exactly will you get in these emails?

Everyday, I'll send you a new step to accomplish. That's a total of 7 action-ready, info-packed, FODMAP-mastering steps. The emails will include:

  1. Specific strategies, steps, and tips, plus worksheets to help you take action.
  2. Short videos giving you concrete examples or how-tos.
  3. A reminder to stop by the Calm Belly Facebook group to share your progress or get your questions answered so you never feel stuck!




If you want to share this free cleanse with your peeps on Pinterest, I made an image all about it. There aren't enough resources available for the FODMAP diet, so help me spread the word! Thank you so much for sharing, you rock!

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  The 7-Day Jumpstart is FREE email course to get you started with the FODMAP Diet so you can relieve IBS symptoms fast!


A little bit about me...

I'm Julie O'Hara, and I'm a health coach for women with IBS. Working with clients 1-on-1, I realized that myths and misinformation about the FODMAP diet caused a lot of frustration and wasted time--especially when people were just starting out.

I can totally relate, because I felt the same way when I learned about FODMAPs. It sounded not only impossible, but restrictive and horribly boring.  That's why I created this 7-Day Challenge: To help other women avoid the confusion and overwhelm that gets in the way of a calm belly life. 

Before health coaching, I worked as a freelance food writer and recipe developer for 9 years, creating healthy recipes for magazines including Shape, Prevention, and Clean Eating. I thought I was pretty savvy about nutrition and different dietary restrictions. But when I learned about FODMAPs from my doctor, all the new information made my head spin. 

I was so overwhelmed that I spent months making excuses not to get started. Over time, I learned to be more strategic in my cooking and meal planning and figured out how to make the FODMAP diet work in my life. 

I don't want you to waste time like I did. Instead, I want you to learn what you need to know, make a plan and start feeling better!


To sum things up...

If you join the free program and follow the steps, you'll walk away with the knowledge you need to do it right AND realistic strategies:
  • You create go-to meals so you always have healthy food 
  • You have a plan to reward yourself so you stay focused
  • You learn how to ask your family and friends for support so it's easy and not awkward 
  • You know the big picture of the FODMAP Diet, why it's a temporary learning tool, and when you're ready to move forward


Sign up below for the 7-Day Challenge. It's free, and you have nothing to lose except all the junk that's getting in the way of a calm belly. 




Disclaimer: The 7-Day Challenge is not meant to replace the advice of a dietitian, doctor or other medical professional. The material provided in the challenge is for general education only. By joining, you agree to the same terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimers that apply to the use of this website. By requesting to join the Facebook group you agree to the group rules (which say to be nice and don't spam) outlined in the Terms & Conditions and posted in the Facebook group files.