Calm your belly.

Crave your next meal.

     Never feel deprived.

You just cried into your peppermint tea after spending an hour cooking another boring, flavorless low-FODMAP meal.

You're sick and tired of eating food that makes you sad. 

The truth is, low-FODMAP recipes don't have to be difficult, full of weird ingredients, or soul-crushingly bland.

Low-FODMAP recipes can be crave-worthy.

What's Inside...

Creative Breakfasts

Easy Lunches

30 Delicious Dinners

A Bit of Sweetness


Don't waste another lunch hour scrolling Pinterest for low-FODMAP recipes.

Get all your new go-tos in one place with the Calm Belly Kitchen Cookbook.

  • You're excited to come home for dinner--Instead of bland chicken and rice you feast on Chicken-Tortilla Casserole.

  • You don't even miss onion and garlic anymore. Easy Polenta Lasagna cured your longing.

  • Your family stops asking you to make "normal" food. Now they beg for Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars.

  • You pack tasty new lunches, like Chicken Cobb Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing.

  • You've got crowd-pleasing recipes (that you can eat too!) to bring to your next social event. Southwestern Pasta Salad, anyone?

Purchase the Calm Belly Kitchen Cookbook today and instantly receive your download. You'll be cooking from it tonight!

3 Options to Choose From:


The Classic Edition

Calm Belly Kitchen Cookbook: Crave-Worthy Low-FODMAP Recipes for Everyday

Color photo of every single recipe!

You get 50 flavor-packed, crowd-pleasing, low-FODMAP recipes that you'll be proud to share with family and friends. These are all-new recipes that have never been shared on my blog. Start loving your food again!

The Calm Belly Kitchen Cookbook is a full-color PDF file ebook you can download and read on any computer, smartphone or tablet. You don't need any special type of e-reader or software. 



The Deluxe Bundle

Best Value!

The super-charged Deluxe Bundle includes:

  • A time-saving 4-week meal plan

  • 50 delicious recipes + 8 BONUS recipes

  • 7 printable worksheets for menu planning, shopping lists, go-to meals and prep schedules

  • Recording of my exclusive meal planning workshop and resources



Deluxe Bundle Bonus!

Exclusive Workshop:

The 4 Meal Planning Strategies and How to Make Them Work for You

(You'll get the recording of the live workshop, the meal-planning personality quiz, and the accompanying worksheets.)


To be clear, the Deluxe Bundle Includes:

  • The Deluxe Edition PDF eCookbook with 8 BONUS recipes

  • Beautiful color photos of every recipe

  • 4-week time-saving meal plan

  • 7 printable worksheets for planning menus, snacks, shopping lists, prep schedules, and go-to meals

  • The meal planning workshop to watch anytime




The 1-on-1 Bundle

Only 20 spots available!



Get everything in the Deluxe Bundle plus a 45-minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session and follow up with me!

I don't currently offer one-time coaching sessions, and I don't plan to, so this is truly an exclusive offer. Here are some examples of what we can cover in your coaching session:

  • How to do the elimination phase effectively (and how long to do it for!)

  • How to get started with the reintroduction process

  • What to do after reintroduction to keep experimenting with different foods

  • How to adapt some of the recipes in my cookbook to suit your individual needs

You'll also get a follow up email coaching session within one week of your live session. This gives you a chance to start implementing what you learned and ask for clarification or answers to any questions that popped up. Within 48 hours of your purchase, I'll email you instructions on how to book your coaching session. Coaching sessions may be scheduled between June 8th and August 23rd, 2016.



Peek Inside...

50 members of the Calm Belly Kitchen community volunteered to test the recipes in this book. Here's what they had to say on Facebook:

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About the Author

You just want to figure out what foods set off your IBS so you can get back to actually enjoying eating again. But it's not that simple, I get it: After suffering with IBS for 12 years, I should have been thrilled to learn about the FODMAP Diet. Instead, I was frustrated by the lack of guidance and the conflicting, minimal information I could find online.

As a food writer for health magazines including Clean Eating, Shape and Prevention, I made my living by cooking.  Since I was afraid to give up my favorite meals (I'm talking to you, Caramelized Onion and Sausage Pizza), I wasted months before getting serious and doing the FODMAP Diet.

My mission as the founder of Calm Belly Kitchen and creator of the Free To Eat program is to save you the frustration and overwhelm I went through, so you can learn your personal food triggers and finally take control of IBS.   

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Once purchased, is the ebook accessible only from the device where it was downloaded?

No, once you download the ebook, the PDF file lives on your device's hard drive. This means you can transfer it to other devices, move it around to different folders, or back it up in the cloud. You don't need to be connected to the internet to read it.

2) Do I need an e-reader or special software to read your ebook?

No, you can read it on any computer, tablet or smartphone. In fact, it's not made for e-readers, which are designed for black and white text. I chose to use the PDF file format because it is requires no special application software, hardware, or operating system. It also presents images in clear, crisp, vibrant color. 

3) What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with any major credit or debit card, or with your Paypal account.

4) Is it safe and secure to buy from you?

I chose to sell my ebook through an e-commerce platform called Gumroad. Your payment is secured by TLS, a higher grade of security than SSL, with 128-bit encryption and using modern SHA2 cyphers. Your payment is then processed using PCI Compliant service providers. In plain English, your payment details never get stored anywhere when you buy on Gumroad, and the same goes for your PayPal details.


Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be granted.