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You're dying for some tummy relief, but it's not enough to stop you from sobbing over a plate of enchiladas because you don’t want to give up delicious food for IBS. It’s too unfair. 


Learn to eat a TASTY low-FODMAP diet and

get that flat-belly feeling FAST. 

Flat Belly Kitchen is a 6-week group program that stops you from spending months (or years) yo-yoing between relief and regret and gets you starting the FODMAP diet.



>>>You're done with the Elimination Phase in 6 weeks.

>>> Your skinny jeans fit great because your forever-bloated belly is long gone.

>>> You have an eating plan in place for your vacation to Majorca (or for the weekly happy hour with co-workers).

>>> You cook awesome meals that satisfy your foodie cravings and keep your belly calm (bring on the pad thai!). 



The Flat Belly Kitchen program includes:

  • 6 x 1-hour live group coaching sessions to get your personal questions answered (value=$350)
  • 6 weeks of workbooks, menu templates, cheat sheets and videos to help you eat well and figure out your special belly requirements (value=$150)
  • Private Facebook group to support you during this life-changing program (value=$200)
  • Membership site to access each week's lessons, videos and resources at your convenience ($100)
  • Calm Belly Kitchen Cookbook Deluxe Edition 4-week meal plan ebook (value=$16)
  • An accountability partner in the program if you want one (priceless!)


$816 of tools, support and group calls for...


(or 2 monthly payments of $165)

Program begins on January 22, 2017

 Early Bird Registration opens on January 11th!

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The average person with IBS will flounder with the FODMAP diet for months which means:

  • You spend hundreds on special food because you're never sure when you're done with the Elimination Phase. 
  • You spend weeks agonizing over whether it's sugar or onion that's making you bloated.
  • You miss out on handfuls of fun friend gatherings because you don't wanna be tempted by scary foods. 


I am here to lead you through this so that's not you. I'm your shortbread shortcut, your carb cheat, your tasty timesaver so that you can keep eating yummy foods but without the symptoms. 




(or 2 payments of $165)

Program begins on January 22, 2017

 Early Bird Registration opens on January 11th!

Click the button to get on the VIP list and have the chance to sign up before it opens to the public!


What happens next:

  1. When you click the button, you'll be directed to my client management system where you'll enter your details.
  2. Next you'll have the option to either pay in 2 installments or to pay now in full. 
  3. Payments are accepted by Paypal, either with a Paypal account or a credit card.
  4. You'll receive a confirmation email of your payment.
  5. You'll receive an email with a questionnaire to help me get to know you better.
  6. One week before the start date, I'll email you a welcome packet and an invite to our private Facebook group!

This is for you if:

  • You need to do the FODMAP Diet Elimination Phase to improve digestive symptoms
  • You like having the support, encouragement, and collective brain power of a group of your peers
  • You have access to high-speed internet 

This isn’t for you if:

  • You don’t have regular high-speed internet access
  • You don’t use Facebook


About Julie O'Hara

You just want to get through the FODMAP diet and figure out your trigger foods, so you can get back to (fingers crossed!) actually enjoying eating again. But it's not that simple, I get it: After suffering with IBS for 12 years, I should have been thrilled to learn about FODMAPs. Instead, I was frustrated by the lack of guidance and the conflicting, minimal information I could find online.

As a freelance food writer for health magazines includingClean Eating, Shape and Prevention, I made my living by cooking.  Since I was afraid to give up my favorite meals (I'm talking to you, Caramelized Onion and Sausage Pizza), I wasted months before getting serious and doing the FODMAP diet.

Through my coaching practice, I'm determined to save you the frustration and overwhelm I went through, so you can learn your personal food tolerances and get on with living your life.  




(Or 2 payments of $165)

Program begins on January 22, 2017

 Early Bird Registration opens on January 11th!

Click the button to get on the VIP list and have the chance to sign up before it opens to the public!



Flat Belly Kitchen helps you do the FODMAP Elimination Phase. Each week we’ll focus on specific topics to make it easy-breezy.

Here’s what we’ll cover week by week:

Week 1: What can I eat?
-How to set up your food journal (spreadsheet template)
-How to get portion sizes right every time (Monash app video tutorial)
-How to read ingredient labels and spot sneaky FODMAPs (video tutorial & cheat sheet) 

Week 2: Delicious food without deprivation
-Menu planning strategies (menu template workbook and fresh produce portion guide)
-Create new go-to meals that work for your body (worksheet)
-How to make seriously flavorful food - without onion & garlic - that your normie friends will love (cheat sheet)

Week 3: How to decode your symptoms
-Symptom Decoder (cheat sheet and checklist)
-How to spot non-FODMAP culprits and what to do about it

Week 4: FODMAP for the real world (restaurants, travel, social and work events)
-Travel-ready meals and snacks (cheat sheet)
-What to order at restaurants (video and cheat sheet)

Week 5: Put it all together
-Keep your food and symptom journal daily
-Relax and have a great low-FODMAP week, eating delicious meals and rewarding your efforts

Week 6: Troubleshooting
-Have your food journal reviewed in order to address anything that's tripping you up
-Decide what your next steps need to be to continue


Bonus >>> 2 extra weeks of Facebook group support beyond the 6-week program to make sure you finish the elimination phase and move forward!

Value = $67


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What if I have other dietary restrictions besides low-FODMAP?
Everything we cover in Flat Belly Kitchen can be adapted to your unique food needs, and I'll be there to help you do it. Most of the clients I've worked with have other food intolerances that we manage while doing the FODMAP diet.

2) When will the group coaching sessions be scheduled?
Group coaching will be every Tuesday at 7:30 PM US Central Time. They'll happen on live video in the Facebook group. Via the comments feature, you'll be able to ask questions and chat with me and other members during these sessions. All sessions will be recorded and available immediately. If you can't make a session, you're always invited to submit questions beforehand. 

3) Are you a dietitian?
No, I'm a health coach. My role is to give you a clear path to reach your goals, along with the advice, tools, motivation and accountability to get you there as smoothly as possible. My coaching programs are not intended to replace consultation with a medical professional. I can guide you through the FODMAP diet, but I can't diagnose your underlying medical issues.

4) What’s the format of this program?
When you join, you'll be given login details to the private member area where all the digital downloads (cheat sheets, workbooks, checklists) and video tutorials for each week will be located. Group coaching sessions will be live in the private Facebook group and the recordings will be available immediately. All the support and interaction with Julie and other students will happen in the private Facebook group as well. Since this is a group program, no 1-on-1 coaching calls or email coaching is included.

5) What if I’m in not in the USA?
You can do the program anywhere in the world! And you're always invited to submit questions beforehand if you can’t make it to a live chat. The live chat recordings will be available immediately in the Facebook group to watch at your convenience.

6) I’m really busy, will I have time for this program?
You already spend 2 hours per week on average scrolling through large Facebook groups and searching online for help and guidance with FODMAP. Instead, you use that time to do Flat Belly Belly Kitchen to make real progress and finish the Elimination Phase. All the resources will be there for you to use when you need them, and if you can’t stay for a whole coaching session you can catch the recording!



(Or 2 payments of $165)

Program begins on January 22, 2017

 Early Bird Registration opens on January 11th!

Click the button to get on the VIP list and have the chance to sign up before it opens to the public!