Chapter 3 - FODMAP Food List: What To Eat To Calm Your Belly

The FODMAP food chart on this page is designed to help you focus on all the delicious foods you CAN eat to relieve IBS. Download a free printable version of this chart to save as a quick reference!

In Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, we covered the who, what, why and how of the FODMAP Diet, now let’s get to the REALLY important part--the food!

Serving Sizes Matter

The key thing to remember is that this is a low-FODMAP diet, not a no-FODMAP diet. Through all phases of the diet, you can and should eat foods that have low and moderate FODMAP content.

Many foods are low in FODMAPs up to a certain amount. When you eat a larger serving, the FODMAP content crosses over into the high-FODMAP range. When you stick to recommended serving sizes, the variety of foods you can eat on this diet is huge!

The Monash FODMAP App

This mobile app, created by researchers who developed the FODMAP Diet at Monash University, is the gold standard for information on foods and serving sizes. In fact, the Monash app is my go-to reference for all my articles.

The app shows you what servings are low, moderate, and high for hundreds of foods. Stick to the green and yellow light servings, focus on variety, and you’ll be crushing it!

asparagus monash.jpg

The researchers at the University are constantly testing the FODMAP content of foods and updating the app. The best part is that all profits from the app go back into research.

I highly recommend purchasing the app so you have as much information as possible on what foods and serving sizes are acceptable. Learn more and get the app here!

Quick-Reference FODMAP Diet Chart

That being said, it’s also extremely helpful to have a quick reference so you know what foods to stick to on this diet.

I designed the chart below to help you focus on all the delicious foods you CAN eat.

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To get a handy printable version of this chart, download the PDF version of the Ultimate Guide to the FODMAP Diet!

Use this low FODMAP food chart as a handy quick reference. The chart lists all the main low FODMAP foods by category. Use it to make your next FODMAP shopping list! Click through to get a printable version of this chart.

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Psst! Need delicious low-FODMAP recipes?

“Just tell me what to eat!”

Cookbook in ipad (1).png

After hearing this phrase over and over, I decided to write a cookbook. Not only that, I wanted my recipes to prove, once and for all, that low-FODMAP food doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

Thanks to the Calm Belly Kitchen Cookbook, low-FODMAP meals can be crave-worthy!

With 50 low-FODMAP recipes and beautiful color photos of every single dish, you’ll never run out of inspiration. 

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With the Calm Belly Kitchen Cookbook, you get 50 low-FODMAP recipes with beautiful color photos of every single recipe…

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Okay, we’ve covered all the major food groups, but what about snacks?! With our busy, on-the-go lives, great snack options are just as important as meals if you’re going to get the biggest benefit from the FODMAP Diet.



Luckily, I’ve compiled a HUGE list of low-FODMAP snack ideas to keep you inspired AND satisfied!

Click the image to get those snack ideas!