You’re at a great new Cuban restaurant eating plain grilled salmon and white rice while your friends nosh on chorizo empanadas.

You’ve been restricting yourself to safe foods for so long that it’s starting to feel like a bad relationship.

You’d drown your frustrations in a mojito, but you have no clue if your stomach can handle it.


As seen in...

Free to Eat is an 8-week group coaching program to learn your IBS triggers and create your unique lifetime eating style.

> You test all the FODMAP groups (a.k.a. the Reintroduction Phase) in 8 weeks and finally know which ones trigger your IBS - and which ones don't!

> You don’t spend 2 hours on every supermarket trip reading labels and googling ingredients

> You don’t miss out on tapas in Madrid or street food in Vietnam because you understand your body’s unique FODMAP tolerance

> You stop spending hundreds of extra dollars on "safe" specialty foods and ordering low-FODMAP snacks online

> You're finally worry-free about the little bit of garlic in a serving of marinara sauce


Here's the inside scoop from past Free To Eat members...


                   Most women with IBS spend months or years eating a super-restrictive diet. Here's why it's not necessary:

  • You only need to be careful about restricting high-FODMAP foods during the Elimination Phase (to truly experience how your body feels without FODMAPS) and while you test foods during the Reintroduction Phase (to gather crystal-clear clear data about YOUR personal triggers)
  • You probably aren’t sensitive to every FODMAP group (A study showed only about 33% of people with IBS have fructose intolerance.)
  • Restricting all FODMAP foods long-term robs the healthy bacteria in your gut of their most important food source - the prebiotic fiber found in foods like onions, asparagus, and beans

I’m here to bust you out of food prison because I don’t want you depriving yourself of food you love for no reason.
I’m the fun foodie friend who won’t let you waste away on rice cakes.

I’ll guide you on the journey to food freedom with a roadmap so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.
If you’re afraid of getting sidelined by symptoms when you travel, I’ve got your go-to meal plans.
When you head to restaurants (cause I want you getting out of the house during this), I’m your menu whisperer.


Hear what life with IBS is like AFTER the Free To Eat program...

Watch Kailey's story! (length: 1 min 48 sec)

Watch Julie's story!  (length: 1 min 24 sec)


Take control of IBS and get back to enjoying food again!

Class begins on March 26th!


(Or 3 monthly payments of $183)


About Julie O'Hara

You just want to figure out what foods set off your IBS so you can get back to actually enjoying eating again. But it's not that simple, I get it: After suffering with IBS for 12 years, I should have been thrilled to learn about the FODMAP Diet. Instead, I was frustrated by the lack of guidance and the conflicting, minimal information I could find online.

As a food writer for health magazines including Clean Eating, Shape and Prevention, I made my living by cooking.  Since I was afraid to give up my favorite meals (I'm talking to you, Caramelized Onion and Sausage Pizza), I wasted months before getting serious and doing the FODMAP Diet.

Through my health coaching programs, I'm determined to save you the frustration and overwhelm I went through, so you can learn your personal food triggers and finally take control of IBS.




What happens when you purchase:

1. When you click one of the buttons on this page, you'll be taken to our secure order form.
2. You will have the option to either pay in full (and save $$) or pay in two installments. All major credit cards accepted.
3. Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive confirmation via email.
4. You'll also receive a welcome email with instructions to access the program membership site and a link to join the                private Facebook group. You'll instantly have access to the bonuses, and all the program modules and resources will be      unlocked on March 20th.
5. I'll add you to the private Facebook group, and we can start chatting!

This is for you if:

  • You've done the first part (Elimination Phase) of the FODMAP Diet and seen consistent improvement in your digestive symptoms
  • You like having the support, encouragement, and collective brain power of a group of your peers
  • You have access to high-speed internet 
  • You use Facebook

This isn’t for you if:

  • You don’t have regular high-speed internet access
  • You don’t use Facebook
  • You haven't done the first part of the FODMAP Diet (the Elimination Phase)


Class begins on March 26th!


(Or 3 monthly payments of $183)



Free To Eat guides you through the process of testing FODMAPs so you have a clear understanding of your personal IBS triggers and create your unique lifetime eating style. 

How the program works:

Each week, you'll get an email with key action steps and a reminder to log into the membership area and review the week's materials. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program, and I'll help you adapt the system to your needs or go at your own pace. You have access to the membership area and all future updates for the lifetime of the program, so you can revisit it anytime!

Group coaching sessions will be held every Tuesday at 7:30PM US Central/Chicago time in the Facebook group on Facebook Live. Recordings will be available instantly and you can submit questions beforehand if you can't come to the live session.

What we'll cover during the 8 weeks:

Overview of the Reintro Phase

-Do's and don'ts
-How to track your symptoms
-How to customize the Reintroduction Roadmap to your life and unique dietary needs


Dealing with symptoms

-When to stop testing a food
-When to slow down (or speed up) the testing process
-When (and why) to re-test a FODMAP group


Eating out and travel

-What to order at restaurants and the right questions to ask so you can maintain a low-FODMAP diet and still have a life
-What to eat on the road to keep your belly calm
-Should you test FODMAPs while traveling or take a break?

+ How to use the info you've gathered to create YOUR ideal IBS-free eating plan!

Free to Eat Program includes:

  • 8 x 1-hour live group coaching sessions to get your personal questions answered and customize the testing process to fit your life ($400)
  • 8-week Food Testing Timeline (your "Free To Eat Roadmap") so you know exactly what foods to test, portion sizes, and how long to wait in between (value=$100)
  • Weekly recipes and ideas for each test food to keep the process a little more fun and delicious ($27)
  • Private Facebook group to support you during this life-changing program ($267)
  • Symptom Tracker Fillable PDF Workbook ($19)
  • DIY Food Trigger Report to gather all your testing results easily on 1 page ($19)
  • Membership site to access each week's lessons, videos, and resources 24/7 at your convenience  ($100)
  • Access to the membership site, materials, and any future program updates for the lifetime of this program ($150)
  • Two workbooks to help you organize and apply your food testing results to your real life and create your unique calm belly eating style! ($100)
small roadmap.trigger report mockup.png
foodie inspiration mockup.png


  1. Travel Kit - Menus for air travel days and road trips, plus my "In-Flight Must-Haves" Checklist so you can do this program even if you're on the road ($19)
  2. TWO EXTRA WEEKS of Facebook group support beyond the 8-week program to ensure you finish the Reintroduction Phase with flying colors ($67)

$1,268 of tools, support and group calls for...


(Or 3 monthly payments of $183)

Class begins on March 26th!


My 100% Satisfaction Promise To You

If you're not totally happy with Free To Eat, I'll gladly give you a full refund through midnight Central time on March 29th, no strings attached.

That means you can check out all the program materials AND even attend the first group coaching session. I'm offering this guarantee because I want you to be as excited about this journey as I am, and I know from past members' feedback that Free To Eat delivers results and is worth your investment!



Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What if I have other dietary restrictions besides low-FODMAP?
Everything we cover in Free to Eat can be adapted to your unique food needs, and I'll be there to help you do it. Most of the clients I've worked with have other food intolerances and/or allergies that we manage while doing the FODMAP diet. If you're vegan or vegetarian and know how to eat a healthy low-FODMAP diet within those boundaries, you can definitely do the program.

2) I still get IBS symptoms...Does that mean I shouldn't do the Reintroduction Phase yet?
You can do the Reintro Phase and finish the FODMAP Diet if you still experience IBS symptoms. Many people don't see their IBS disappear in the Elimination Phase and that's okay. Here's what's required to start the Reintro Phase:
You've done the Elimination Phase for at least 4 to 8 weeks and seen a consistent improvement in your symptoms. During the Elimination Phase you also learn what your maximum level of symptom relief is on a very restricted low-FODMAP Diet. You may still experience symptoms, but you should have a big improvement compared to the time BEFORE going low-FODMAP. In Reintroduction, you learn what foods you can add back and still maintain your personal level of symptom relief.

3) When will the group coaching sessions be scheduled?
Group coaching will be every Tuesday at 7:00 PM Chicago (US Central) time. They'll happen on live video in the Facebook group. Via the comments feature, you'll be able to ask questions and chat with me and other members during these sessions. All sessions will be recorded and available afterwards, and you can submit questions beforehand. 

4) Are you a dietitian?
No, I'm a health coach. My role is to give you a clear path to reach your goals, along with the advice, tools, motivation and accountability to get you there as smoothly as possible. My coaching programs are not intended to replace consultation with a medical professional. My expertise is guiding you through the FODMAP diet, but I can't diagnose underlying medical issues.

5) Do you offer refunds?
Yes! I offer a full money back guarantee through March 29th midnight central time, no questions asked. That means you can check out all the program materials AND even attend the first group coaching session. I'm offering this guarantee because I want you to be as excited about this journey as I am, and I know from past members' feedback that Free To Eat delivers results and is worth your investment!


Class begins on March 26th!


(Or 3 monthly payments of $183)