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Let's look at the FODMAP diet as an adventure, not a prison sentence. 

(cause this ain't Orange is the New Black)


  • You have fun trying new restaurants and don't stress about what to order.
  • You make amazing, drool-worthy, low-FODMAP meals.
  • You travel to your exotic dream destinations knowing exactly what you should eat to feel great and manage your IBS symptoms.
  • You say YES to a last-minute date night instead of curling up on the couch in your sweats because you're bloated.

 Health Coaching for IBS

Choose your adventure...


Relieve your IBS in 5 months without deprivation

A personalized 1-on-1 coaching program that guides you through the FODMAP Diet from start to finish so you have a calm belly for life.

5 months long


Payment plan option available

Booking now for winter 2017!


Do the FODMAP Reintroduction Phase and discover your lifelong calm belly eating habits.

A group program that guides you through the Reintroduction Phase (& gets you done with FODMAP) with an exact roadmap, personalized help, and  friends who know what you're going through.

8 weeks long


(payment plan available)

Next round begins March 2017!


Learn to eat a TASTY low-FODMAP diet and get that flat-belly feeling fast!

A group coaching program that guides you through the FODMAP Diet Elimination Phase with  a combo of personal attention and friends to support you.

6 weeks long 


Program begins on January 22, 2017

 Early Bird Registration opens on January 11th!


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