For Workshop Registrants Only!

Click below to watch the 2-minute video. I’ve got an important pre-workshop tip for you, plus a special bonus.

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys. It's Julie from Calm Belly Kitchen. I just wanted to make a quick video and let you know how excited I am to see you at the workshop and give you a quick tip about the content that we'll be discussing in the workshop.

But first, I know you have a million things to do, because so do I, and so I know your time is valuable.

That's why I wanted to thank you for taking the time to hang out with me, by giving you a special bonus.

This bonus is a free download and I'm giving it to everyone who shows up for the workshop and watches the whole thing. This is really going to help you, whether you're just starting with the FODMAP diet or you've been doing it for a while. I'll just give you a hint, it'll help you come up with new ideas for what to eat on the FODMAP diet, which is always super hard.

Now, I know you might be feeling a little nervous about the workshop, because we're talking about your diet and that can be a really negative word and changing your diet can be really challenging.

But here's what I want you to remember about FODMAP: It is a learning diet.

It's not about depriving yourself forever, for the rest of your life, or being so hungry all the time that you go eat all the donuts in the office break room and then you go to the break room on the fifth floor and then to the second floor...You know what I mean.

Here's what the FODMAP diet is really about, step by step:

  1. Learning where FODMAPs show up in your diet

  2. Reducing your intake of those foods

  3. Learning your personal tolerance level for the different types of FODMAPs

  4. And finally, creating your unique lifetime eating style that lets you have as much variety as possible while reducing your symptoms and having more control over how your belly feels

But, it starts with joining us live for the workshop! Remember, I have a free gift for everyone who watches, because I want to help you take control of your IBS with the FODMAP diet. That is the goal behind everything I do.

All right, so thank you so much for watching and I'll see you at the workshop!