You Don't Need to Eliminate All Your Favorite Foods…

...To Feel Great Every Day

Recognize Your Body's Unique IBS Triggers So You Can Stop Policing Every Bite and Start Enjoying Food Again

“Always being on the lookout for FODMAPs hiding in my food is exhausting!”

So you’ve gotten some relief from your IBS symptoms by eliminating FODMAPs from your diet. Congrats! But now the reality of life without FODMAPs sets in…

  • You’re stressed about social events and holidays because you hate turning down Aunt Rachel’s famous stuffing, and bringing your own special food isn’t much fun

  • You’re tired of awkwardly explaining why you can’t eat anything but carrot sticks at the office potluck

  • You’re happy your belly symptoms are better, but you feel like you’re eating the same 10 “safe” foods over and over

Luckily, living with IBS doesn’t mean living without FODMAPs.           

  • You only need to be careful about restricting high-FODMAP foods during the first part of the FODMAP diet, the elimination phase (to truly experience how your body feels without FODMAPs) and while you test foods during the reintroduction phase (to gather crystal-clear clear data about YOUR personal triggers).

  • You probably aren’t sensitive to every FODMAP group (A study showed only about 33% of people with IBS have fructose intolerance, for instance.).

  • Restricting all FODMAP foods long-term robs the healthy bacteria in your gut of their most important food source - the prebiotic fiber found in foods like onions, asparagus, and beans.

Navigating the process of reintroducing problem foods back into your diet is intimidating. 

After all, you’re not ready to go back to life as it was. But you’re long past ready to make mealtime less stressful.

That’s where Free To Eat comes in. 

Free to Eat is your 6-month guide, personalized plan, and support network rolled into one. 

You’ll strategically test each of the FODMAP food groups, identify which trigger your IBS symptoms and which don’t, and find the freedom to eat stress-free again. 

You’ll remove the hassle of strict FODMAP elimination, save time planning your meals, and join the ranks of thousands of people successfully living without IBS anxiety.

By the end of this program, you will be able to: 

  • Stop stressing about food and get back to enjoying your life because you know exactly what triggers your symptoms AND what doesn't
  • Participate in social meals and holidays without restricting yourself to a plain baked potato

  • Save time and money looking for new experts and treatments because you’ve learned to manage your IBS through a unique eating style you enjoy

  • Eat at restaurants without anxiety because you don’t have to eliminate every trace of FODMAPs from your diet, just the ones you’re uniquely sensitive to in certain amounts 

  • Easily make food choices based on knowledge about your body, not guessing and hoping

Here's the inside scoop from past Free To Eat members...

About Julie O'Hara

You just want to figure out what foods set off your IBS so you can get back to actually enjoying eating again. But it's not that simple, I get it: After suffering with IBS for 12 years, I should have been thrilled to learn about the FODMAP Diet. Instead, I was frustrated by the lack of guidance and the conflicting, minimal information I could find online.

As a food writer for health magazines including Clean Eating, Shape and Prevention, I made my living by cooking.  Since I was afraid to give up my favorite meals (I'm talking to you, Caramelized Onion and Sausage Pizza), I wasted months before getting serious and doing the FODMAP Diet.

Through my health coaching programs, I'm determined to save you the frustration and overwhelm I went through, so you can learn your personal food triggers and finally take control of IBS.                 

"I’m here to bust you out of food prison because I don’t want you depriving yourself of food you love for no reason. I’m the fun foodie friend who won’t let you waste away on rice because that's the only food that feels safe."


How the Program Works

Free To Eat helps you complete the final "phase" of the FODMAP Diet. It is not for you if you're just starting out in phase one (a.k.a. the elimination phase).

The program is unique because it not only helps you test your tolerance to the various FODMAP categories but gives you a system to apply the new knowledge about your body to your real life.

Here's what the Free To Eat success path looks like:

>>> You can complete all your FODMAP testing in 8 to 12 weeks, but this is NOT a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all program. You're encouraged to listen to your body and go at your own pace. 

>>> After you finish testing each FODMAP category and learning your unique IBS triggers and tolerance levels, the real fun begins! You take all the knowledge you gained from the testing process and create your unique lifetime eating style.

>>> With 6 months of support from Julie and your fellow FODMAPers in the members-only support community, you build new calm-belly eating habits and accomplish long-term changes so all your effort pays you back for life.


Free to Eat Program includes:

  • The Roadmap: Your customizable reintro plan so you know exactly what foods to test, portion sizes, and how long to wait in between 
  • Complete guide to the FODMAP testing and reintro process with clear instructions and examples
  • 6 months of support, camaraderie, and community inside our private Facebook group to truly integrate everything you learn during this life-changing program
  • Foodie Inspiration: Serving ideas and simple recipes for the primary test foods to make reintroduction more delicious
  • Symptom Tracker Fillable PDF Workbook 
  • DIY Food Trigger Report PDF to gather all your testing results easily on 1 page 
  • Program membership website to access all the worksheets, videos, and resources 24/7 at your convenience  
  • Two PDF workbooks to help you organize and apply your food testing results to your real life and create your unique calm belly eating style
small roadmap.trigger report mockup.png
foodie inspiration mockup.png
Key insight 2.png

You get 6 months of support and a complete system to test FODMAPs and create your lifetime calm-belly eating habits for...

$75/month for 6 months*

*Total price: $450. Pay in full option - $405 (save 10%).


My 100% Satisfaction Promise To You

If you're not totally happy with Free To Eat, I'll gladly give you a full refund up to 2 weeks after your purchase date, no questions asked.

I'm offering this guarantee because I want you to be as excited about this journey as I am, and I know from past members' feedback that Free To Eat delivers results and is worth your investment!




What Happens When You Purchase:

  1. When you click the red button, you'll be taken to our secure order form.
  2. You will have the option to either pay monthly ($55 today, then $55 every following month for a total of 6 payments) or pay in full today and save 10%. All major credit cards accepted.
  3. About 10 minutes after completing your purchase, you'll receive a welcome email with a link to the program membership site and an invitation to join the private Facebook community. You instantly have access to ALL the program materials.
  4. I'll add you to the Facebook community, and we can start chatting!

This is for you if:

  • You have IBS, or you've been advised to do the FODMAP Diet by a medical pro
  • You've already started or completed the first part of the FODMAP Diet (the elimination phase) and experienced improvement in your symptoms
  • You like having the support, encouragement, and collective brain power of a group of your peers
  • You have access to high-speed internet 
  • You use Facebook

This isn’t for you if:

  • You aren't sure what's causing your digestive issues or if FODMAP is the right approach
  • You've done the first part of the FODMAP Diet (the elimination phase) but didn't experience any improvement in your symptoms
  • You don’t have regular high-speed internet access
  • You don’t use Facebook


$75/month for 6 months*

*Total price: $450. Pay in full option - $405 (save 10%).

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Hear what life is like after the Free To Eat program...

Watch Julie's story!  (length: 1 min 24 sec)

Watch Kailey's story! (length: 1 min 48 sec)


What's covered inside the program:

Overview of Testing FODMAPs

-Do's and don'ts
-How to track your symptoms
-How to customize the Free To Eat Roadmap to your life and unique dietary needs


Dealing with Symptoms

-When to stop testing a food
-When to slow down (or speed up) the testing process
-When (and why) to re-test a FODMAP group


Eating Out and Travel

-What to order at restaurants and the right questions to ask so you can maintain a low-FODMAP diet and still have a life
-What to eat on the road to keep your belly calm
-Should you test FODMAPs while traveling or take a break?

+ How to use the info you've gathered to create YOUR ideal IBS-free eating plan!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What if I have other dietary restrictions besides low-FODMAP?
You can do the program even if you have other food sensitivities, allergies or restrictions that you need to follow. Most of my clients have other food intolerances that we manage while doing the FODMAP diet. If you're vegan or vegetarian and know how to eat a low-FODMAP within those boundaries, you can definitely do the program.

2) I still get IBS symptoms...Does that mean I shouldn't test FODMAPs yet?
You can do the Reintro Phase and finish the FODMAP Diet if you still experience IBS symptoms. Many people don't see their IBS disappear completely in the Elimination Phase and that's okay. Here's what's required to start the Reintroduction Phase:

You've done the Elimination Phase for at least 4 to 8 weeks and seen a consistent improvement in your symptoms. During the Elimination Phase you've also learned what your maximum level of symptom relief is on a very restricted low-FODMAP Diet. You may still experience symptoms, but you should have a big improvement compared to the time BEFORE going low-FODMAP. In Reintroduction, you learn what foods you can add back and still maintain your personal level of symptom relief.

3) Does Free To Eat include a meal plan?
Free To Eat is for people who are already comfortable eating a low-FODMAP diet so no one-size-fits-all meal plan is necessary. The program DOES include the exact foods and amounts you should test, serving ideas for the recommended test foods, and a guide with 15 quick and easy low-FODMAP meal ideas. If you'd like a detailed weekly meal plan with recipes, the Calm Belly Kitchen Cookbook Deluxe Edition includes exactly that!

4) Are you a dietitian?
No, I'm a health coach. My role is to give you a clear path to reach your goals, along with the advice, tools, motivation and accountability to get you there as smoothly as possible. My coaching programs are not intended to replace consultation with a medical professional. My expertise is guiding you through the FODMAP diet, but I can't diagnose underlying medical issues.

5) Do you offer refunds?
Yes! I offer a full money back guarantee up to 2 weeks after your purchase date, no questions asked. I'm offering this guarantee because I want you to be as excited about this journey as I am, and I know from past members' feedback that Free To Eat delivers results and is worth your investment!



$75/month for 6 months*

*Total price: $450. Pay in full option - $405 (save 10%).

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