FODMAP Diet: What to Order at Chinese Restaurants

Watch the video and read my top picks on what to order at Chinese restaurants when you're on the low FODMAP Diet. You can still go to restaurants and enjoy fun social meals even with IBS. Chinese food is NOT off the menu!

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What can you order at a Chinese restaurant on the low-FODMAP diet? Read a quick summary of good menu options, and learn about why these are your best bets.

Eating out on the FODMAP Diet can be challenging or flat out stressful. Unless you know the right questions to ask!

I got a lot of awesome feedback about the video I did on What to Order at Italian Restaurants, so I'm continuing the FODMAP dining out series. 

In this video, you'll learn:

  • Your best bets on typical Chinese restaurant menus

  • What's really in those classic Chinese sauces (brown sauce, anyone?)

  • My #1 strategy for ordering smart

There's a ton of info in the video (which was originally a live Calm Belly TV broadcast in the CBK Facebook Group (click here to join!), but you can also read the cliff notes below. 

What cuisine trips you up most when it comes to sticking to the low-FODMAP Diet? Tell me in the comments!

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Every restaurant will cook dishes differently, so always ask when you're concerned about specific ingredients. But in general, my top picks are below.

Top Ordering Tips:

Sauces may have hfcs; order on the side and eat a small amount 

If you order a made-to-order stir fry, possibly onion can be left out

Avoid protein that's deep fried, "crispy" or "crunchy"

Go with sauteed or stir fried options

Noodles are usually made from wheat unless it specifies rice noodle

Best Appetizer Options:

  • BBQ pork

  • BBQ rib tip

  • teriyaki beef

  • teriyaki chicken

  • Fresh (not fried) spring rolls

Avoid: egg rolls and dumplings, which are made with wheat flour

Best Soup Options:

  • Seaweed soup

  • Chicken rice soup

  • Egg drop soup (doesn't traditionally have garlic); flavored with ginger and chives

Main Dish Options:

1) Sweet and sour shrimp/chicken

  • Doesn't traditionally have garlic; ask about onion

  • Sauce contains ketchup and vinegar; keep minimal or get on the side

2) Orange chicken: may have garlic; get sauce on side

3) Kung Pao: made with chile paste which may have a little garlic (also contains soy, sherry, Chinese cooking wine)

4) General Tso's: contains a moderate amount of garlic, possibly high fructose corn syrup (hfcs)

5) Brown sauce: typically includes garlic

6) Szechuan sauce: typically includes garlic

7) Avoid Chop Suey: typically made with high-FODMAP veggies (mushroom, onion, celery, snow peas)

8) Fried rice: doesn't always have garlic; ask about onion

9) Simple protein options

  • Shrimp or chicken with broccoli

  • Fish with steamed vegetables

  • Beef with tomato and bell peppers: request no onion

10) Avoid Salt and Pepper Pork/Fish/Shrimp: typically includes veg like onion, garlic, celery